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Telemarketing Introduction - Compare Several Free Quotes

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When an organization or company is in search of catalysts for growth, telemarketing is often a top consideration. Telemarketing, a method of direct marketing where the sales person uses the telephone to contact the customer, has become an integrated element of many marketing campaigns.
The use of telemarketing was popularized in the 1970’s, and since then it has become a staple of multi-layered marketing plans. Telemarketing consists of lead generation, which involves research on a perspective customer, sales and outbound calling.
While some companies set up internal calling capacities to handle their own telemarketing needs, others hire professional telemarketing companies to handle their telemarketing calls. These companies often place their calls from an offsite outbound call center.
Telemarketing companies are able to offer businesses an attractive option. The telemarketing company can focus solely on making sales, without concern for other business concerns like product development, billing or shipping, and the business that has hired them is free from the demands of telemarketing sales generation.
Telemarketing companies utilize varying approaches to contact perspective customers. Previous purchases and requests for information, phone directories and other public lists may be used to generate leads. Additionally, telemarketing companies often purchase private databases of names, based on specific demographics, which they employ.
Successful telemarketing companies acknowledge that a strong telemarketing campaign can’t be based solely on a good list or an interested customer. Equally as important is the quality of the telemarketer. The correct combination of business savvy and charisma is essential. As challenging as such a fusion may be, the fact that telemarketing sales has actually surpassed direct mail in yearly sales, conveys that not only is it achievable, but telemarketing is a proven method for generating sales.

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